Business Etiquette Standards Training: Online training courses for business professionals and individuals
Online training courses for business professionals and individuals  
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Hire Renowned International
Life and Business Coach, Monica Irvine

Although, business protocol is usually focused around the deal and value, business etiquette is still an essential part of any interaction, especially those that include profit and the loss of profit. That is why there is such value in business etiquette. Whether it be customer service, interoffice relations or interviewing skills they can all impact the bottom line.

We go out of our way, improving customer service through our customer service training programs and make sure that workplace etiquette stays intact by improving employee relationships. Through our business etiquette seminars you and your staff will learn proper business etiquette even to the point of international business etiquette and dining etiquette for professionals.

We leave no facet of business unaddressed. Through communication skills and conflict resolution, we will teach comprehensive business etiquette to your entire staff. With appropriate business management and professional training, it can be assured that internal conflicts like sexual harassment can be avoided and dealt with in the most professional manner. Come see how we can help you and let us be the life coach for you and your business.

Business Etiquette Professional Workshops include:
Professionalism, the Key to Our Success
Highly recommended for All Companies, regardless of size
Interviewing Etiquette, the "Shock and Awe" Method
Recommended for anyone planning on Interviewing for Employment or Job Advancement
Sexual Harassment, What I Need to Know
Recommended for All companies
Dining Etiquette for Professionals
Recommended for all Professionals
Finer Points of Service
Recommended for ALL restaurant staff for Full service & Partial Service establishments
Customer Service...It's All In the Details
Including Being a Gentleman, Being a Lady, Treating our Customers as Valued Guest, Professional Telephone Protocol, Email -- Cellphone & Social Media Etiquette
Recommended for all professionals who deal in customer service
Teaching My Children Etiquette, the How, What & Why Workshop
Recommended for parents with children from birth to 12 years of age
Monica Irvine opened our eyes to so many things that we are excited to implement into our customer service policy. These workshops exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much!
~ Jimmi Byler/Co-President Byler Rivet Supply