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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is this training necessary in order to be successful?
This training is so unique because it focuses on individual improvement which leads to professional and personal success. When we take a hard look at ourselves as far as what areas of our character, personality, priorities and focus needs improvement, something really amazing happens...we change. And with that change comes new opportunities, new relationships, new responsibilities, and most importantly, we begin to see the "pay off" that comes when we focus on becoming the best that we can be.
Can I stop and start the training at any time?
Yes. Once you set up your account, you will have access to the training video for 2 months. You may watch it as many times as you want during that period and can "fast forward" to any section of the video.
Will I get a certificate of completion when I finish the training?
Yes. You will take a quiz after each training video to make sure you understand the main concepts of the training. Once you receive a 100% on the quiz, you will be able to print out your Certification of Completion. Your employer may require that you make a copy of this certificate and place in your company file.
What are some benefits of taking this training?
These business etiquette training videos do many things including:
--Give you more confidence, because you will know the right way to handle many social situations.
--Give you specific skills to improve the working relationships you will experience with your colleagues including: communications skills, listening skills, organizational skills, conflict resolution skills, time management ideas, and much much more.
--The ability to look at your behavior in a whole new "light" which guarantees to improve your personal and professional success.
--The ability to learn to avoid many "pitfalls" that play a huge role in employees not progressing and moving up the "ladder of success".
--The ability to make better decisions because you will have a better understanding of the motivation behind good choices.
--Much much more.
Can we try out one business etiquette workshop before choosing to require our employees to do more?
Yes. You can go into your account at any time and add more training as a requirement for your staff.
If I'm a company, when am I charged the training fee for my employees?
As soon as your employee sets up their account, you will be charged for their training. Once their account is set up, they have immediate access to all required videos.
Monica delivers! We hired her to present two workshops during our lunch hours on Professionalism and Customer Service and they were a homerun. Monica has great insights on relationships, working as a team and communications. Our values aligned with the skills she taught such has integrity, compassion and excellence.  Our veterans received great reminders and our newer staff learned invaluable skills.  Thank you.
~ Paul Fain