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Professionalism, the Key to Our Success
Professionalism, the Key to Our Success $19.95

Business Etiquette starts right here. This is an amazing Workshop for any company who desires to help their employees become impeccable professionals who define success. Employees will walk away from this workshop with a new commitment to integrity, higher work performance, unity, excellence both personally and professionally and an overall greater devotion to self improvement. By so doing, every company will rise to a greater level of productivity, commitment and success. This workshop comes with a 100% money back Guarantee that you will witness a noticeable change in the environment of your staff. It truly will be some of the best money you can invest in your company. Improving Customer Service begins with a Professional Staff. Here are some of the topics covered in this workshop:

Professional Workshop Outline:

I. Professionals

  • Are Passionate
  • Have Integrity

II. A Professional is Positive

  • Why
  • Unkind Remarks
  • Gossip
  • Unofficial Complaints
  • Faults
  • “Lift”

III. A Professional Works Well with Others

  • Make things Right Immediately
  • Look for Good in Others
  • Everyone Has Something to Offer
  • Great Listener
  • Communicates Clearly
  • Punctuality

IV. A Professional Gives Compliments

V. A Professional is Organized

  • Management of Time
  • Work Space
  • Priorities

VI. A Professional Helps Others Succeed

  • Delegators of Responsibility
  • Meeting and Evaluations
  • Joy in Success of Team
  • Team well Equipped

VII. A Professional Helps Carry the Load

  • Flexibility
  • Give 110%
  • Show Your Team Spirit
  • Realize the Importance of Your Network

VIII. A Professional is Accountable

  • Ethical Standards
  • Devoted to the Cause
  • Customer Satisfaction #1
  • Accepts Responsibility
  • Is Strong, yet Humble

IX. Criticism versus Correction

X. A Professional Leads by Example

  • Enthusiastic
  • Initiative
  • “Cool” Under Pressure
  • You are the Expert
  • Committed to Self Improvement

Monica delivers! We hired her to present two workshops during our lunch hours on Professionalism and Customer Service and they were a homerun. Monica has great insights on relationships, working as a team and communications. Our values aligned with the skills she taught such has integrity, compassion and excellence.  Our veterans received great reminders and our newer staff learned invaluable skills.  Thank you.
~ Paul Fain