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Interviewing Etiquette, the \
Interviewing Etiquette, the "Shock and Awe" Method $19.95

Do you have the interviewing skills and the confidence needed to impress any potential employer? Learning, practicing and perfecting proper Interviewing Etiquette is NOT difficult and can be learned very quickly. However, it does take skills. Take advantage of your own personal LIfe Coach as you learn Interviewing Skills that reflect professionalism, confidence and success. This workshop guarantees to help every attendee feel more confident and to actually get excited instead of nervous to go to their next job interview. Every college graduate, every person striving to improve their employment opportunities must attend this very popular workshop.

Interviewing Etiquette, The “Shock & Awe” Approach Outline

I. First Impressions

  • How we Walk
  • How we Sit
  • How we Dress
  • How we Introduce Ourself

II. Do Your Homework

  • Research
  • Who’s the Boss
  • Who’s Interviewing You
  • Familiar with Products & Services

III. Know Who You Are & Why You’re Different

  • Self Assessment
  • Anecdotes
  • Know the Questions/Practice the Answers
  • Practice

IV. “What is Your Greatest Weakness?”

V. Listen & Follow

  • Listen
  • Don’t Talk too Much
  • Don’t Be too Familiar
  • Appropriate Language
  • Don’t be Cocky
  • Don’t Appear Desparate
  • Ask Questions

VI. Logistic Preparation

  • Drive Ahead of Time
  • Plan for the Rain
  • Extra Copies
  • A Briefcase
  • Digital Presentations
  • Car
  • Personal Health

Fine tuning our customer service skills was just what we needed and Monica Irvine really delivered.  These workshops were so professional, inspiring and literally contributed to real change in the atmosphere of our workplace.
~ Karen Cooper, Service Manager, Mercedes-Benz of Knoxville