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Sexual Harassment, What I Need to Know
Sexual Harassment, What I Need to Know $19.95

Never before have companies been held to such a high legal standard as today. Knowledge is power. Not only for you, the company, but for your employees. Educating every single employee on what sexual harassment is, what can be done
to avoid sexual harassment, and what the legal ramifications can be from violating
this law for both the violator and the company that fails to educate its employees is what will best protect you, the company. Many many adults simply don't realize
when they are "crossing the line". This workshop should be repeated once per year
to help ensure that your company sets the tone for a professional company providing their employees a safe environment, free from persecution, discrimination & unprofessional behavior. The cultural of any company is set by
its leaders and maintained by ensuring that employees are well informed on
expectations with regards to behavior, professionalism, fairness and excellence.
Don't put this opportunity off another day to improve employee relationships. Schedule now.

Sexual Harassment Workshop Outline

I. Definition of Sexual Harassment

  • Unwanted sexual advances
  • Offering Employment Benefits
  • Threats
  • Visual Contact
  • Verbal Propositions
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Physical Conduct

II. Employer Liability

  • Known or Should have Known
  • Non-employees

III. Employer Obligations

  • Reasonable Steps
  • Workplace Free from Sexual Harassment
  • Distributing Information
  • Classroom Training
  • Procedure for Filing Complaints
  • Fully & effective Investigation
  • Informing of Steps Taken

IV. Filing Complaint

  • Written Complaint
  • Companies with more than 15 employees
  • 180 days versus 300 days
  • Fines or damages
  • Back Pay
  • Attorneys Fees
  • Changes in Policies
  • Private Lawsuit

V. Conduct of a Professional

  • Character
  • Respect
  • Company Cultural
  • Personal Legacy
  • Key to Success

We could have listened to Ms Irvine talk all day. We didn't want it to stop. Thank you.
~ Kandice Bewley Baker-Vice President, Bewley Properties, Greenville, TN