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Dining Etiquette for Professionals
Dining Etiquette for Professionals $19.95

Statistics show a direct relationship between dining etiquette skills and education level. Really! Are you prepared to go to dinner with your potential boss? Are you prepared to dine with dignitaries or potential clients? Don't prepare yourself every single way academically and then forget to perfect your dining etiquette. This workshop is so fun, yet so vital in helping you have the confidence and skills to be able to dine with anyone, anywhere with ease, comfort and even enjoyment. Business protocol most definitely includes dining etiquette so take advantage of this easy to use professional training and give yourself the confidence you need to succeed. This is a MUST ATTEND for any professional.

Dining Etiquette Workshop Outline:

I. Dining Etiquette/Why it Matters

II. Dining Etiquette Skills

  • A Time to Connect
  • Proper Table Setting
  • Compliment the Cook/Host
  • Table Linens
  • Wait
  • Honoring Other’s Traditions
  • Stand
  • Correct Use of Utensils
  • Know Your Utensils
  • American Style versus Continental Style
  • Serving & Buttering Bread
  • Passing
  • Tasting
  • Unique Foods
  • Declining Food
  • Removing Unwanted Items
  • Awkward Moments
  • Buffet Lines
  • Forks or Fingers?
  • Accidents at the Table
  • Taking the Last Bite
  • Plates Shouldn’t Sparkle
  • No Licking
  • Heaping Plates
  • Soup Etiquette
  • Conversation
  • Noises
  • Don’t Correct Others
  • Who Sits Where
  • Who Pays
  • and more

We could have listened to Ms Irvine talk all day. We didn't want it to stop. Thank you.
~ Kandice Bewley Baker-Vice President, Bewley Properties, Greenville, TN