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Finer Points of Service
Finer Points of Service $19.95

Is your restaurant staff performing at its Peak Performance Level? Is your restaurant known for its impeccable service, professional staff and its devotion to customer satisfaction? Do you want to be? This amazing workshop will guarantee to bring your staff up to a professional level that will absolutely change the atmosphere of your restaurant and absolutely be noticed and appreciated by your customers. Yes, your food must be good and a great value, but what really creates customer loyalty? Your staff. Your customers want to feel like they are appreciated, valued and that your staff truly believes it is an honor to serve them. Communication skills, conflict resolution and professionalism are all important aspects to creating success. This workshop will deliver these goals. Don't wait. Schedule Today.

Finer Points of Service Workshop Outline

I. Reputation

  • Attitude
  • Excellence
  • Cleanliness
  • Unity
  • Respect
  • Gratitude

II. Greeting--A Proper Welcome & Introduction

  • Hostess Responsibility
  • Server Responsibility

III. Taking an Order

  • Specials
  • Suggestions
  • Proper Order
  • Ask appropriate Questions
  • Writing vs Memory
  • Proper Seat #s
  • Time Element
  • Use Every Key
  • Verify Correct

IV. Relationship with Customers

  • Professionalism
  • Over Friendly
  • Absent
  • Loyalty

V. Serving Order

  • Timing (Lunch vs Dinner)
  • Bread Plates
  • Look & Verify
  • Clearing Plates & Table Cleanliness
  • Tray Stand vs Arms
  • Keep a free hand
  • Mistakes & Corrections
  • Manager Involvement & Notifications
  • Refills

VI. Monitor

  • Customer Satisfaction: cooked properly, condiments, extras
  • Pass/Comment vs Pass/Non Comment
  • Pre-bus
  • Table Cleanliness

VII. Dessert Sale

  • Showcase
  • After-Dinner Drinks
  • Know the details

VIII. Present Check

  • Who
  • Discretion
  • Separate vs Together

IX. Next Turn

  • Condiments
  • Table and Seats
  • Floor
  • Attitude

X. Team Player

  • 110%
  • Being Positive
  • Complaints
  • Gossip
  • Look for the Good

Monica Irvine opened our eyes to so many things that we are excited to implement into our customer service policy. These workshops exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much!
~ Jimmi Byler/Co-President Byler Rivet Supply