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Teaching My Children Etiquette, the How, What & Why Workshop
Teaching My Children Etiquette, the How, What & Why Workshop $19.95

Do we want our children to "stand out" because they are polite, have impeccable
character and strive to live lives of excellence? Do we want our children to
succeed both personally and professionally? Of course we do. It's NEVER
NEVER too late to give our children the skills they need to succeed and be happy.
This workshop is an absolute favorite of thousands of parents who have walked
away from it with a new commitment to teaching manners in the home. This
workshop will give you real skills to pass on to your children. It will help you to
understand the value of passing these skills on to the next generation for the sake
of our entire society. These skills are super easy to learn, fun to initiate into the
home and the results....well see for yourself. You will not be disappointed. This is
a MUST ATTEND for every parent!

Teaching my Children Etiquette, the How, What & Why Workshop Outline

I. Define Etiquette, Why does it Matter?

II. A Proper Introduction

  • Smile
  • Strong Voice
  • Eye Contact
  • Firm Handshake
  • Remember Names
  • Slow Down

III. Corrections

  • Rules of the Heart
  • Correcting-An Act of Love
  • Disappointment vs Anger
  • Privacy promotes Respect & Honor

IV. A Sincere Apology

  • Recognize
  • Admit without Excuse
  • Say it-Sincerely
  • Commitment
  • Keep our Word
  • Accept & Move On
  • Restitution

V. Accepting the Word “No” Graciously

  • Expectations Clear--What Words
  • Consequences Clear
  • Step back
  • Rewards

VI. A Casual Society

  • Respect for Adults
  • Opportunities to Serve
  • Stand for Respect
  • Addressing Adults

VII. Dining Etiquette

  • It’s not the Rules, It’s the Purpose
  • Over 25 Proper Dining Etiquette Tips

Monica delivers! We hired her to present two workshops during our lunch hours on Professionalism and Customer Service and they were a homerun. Monica has great insights on relationships, working as a team and communications. Our values aligned with the skills she taught such has integrity, compassion and excellence.  Our veterans received great reminders and our newer staff learned invaluable skills.  Thank you.
~ Paul Fain